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La Torre Residenza Chania La Torre Residenza Chania

La Torre Residenza, a resplendent neoclassical mansion steeped in grandeur, stands majestically on Kastelli hill, gracefully woven into the fabric of Chania’s charming old town, a mere whisper away from the sea’s azure caress. Originating from the 16th century and crafted by Venetian hands, this architectural marvel has been a treasured jewel in our family for four generations, symbolizing a legacy of deep-rooted history and culture. Part of this regal abode once hummed with the warmth of family life, while the rest buzzed as the nerve center of our thriving business pursuits.

Our lineage, with ancestral ties reaching back to the Byzantine era, has long been a bastion in the world of graphic arts. The ground floor of this venerable edifice, pivotal in our commercial saga, resonated with the rhythmic clamor of hefty paper processing machinery, heralding the onset of our entrepreneurial journey. Now, La Torre Residenza beckons travelers to immerse themselves in a tapestry of historical opulence and understated elegance, directly facing the Agia Aikaterini square. This renowned square, crowned by its archaeological marvels, witnessed excavations from 1969 to 2014, revealing treasures of the Minoan epoch. Each artifact unearthed adds a fascinating layer to the rich mosaic of your stay, offering a serene, yet stimulating retreat where the whispers of the past meet the comfort and luxury of the present. Here, in this city’s heart, every room, every floor, becomes a sanctuary for relaxation, enveloping you in an ambience that is both timelessly elegant and intimately connected to the vibrant life of Chania.

La Torre Residenza Chania

our history

Over the last hundred years, the venerable façade and intricate interiors of our building have been the silent witnesses to a cascade of transformations, each reflecting the turbulent, ever-changing tapestry of the city’s history. Perched atop Kastelli hill, our esteemed structure has weathered the relentless onslaught of time, most notably during the devastating era of World War II. This period saw our hill, and with it, our building, endure the ravages of war, as heavy bombardments shattered much of the old city’s charm.

Yet, despite these tumultuous times, the indomitable spirit and architectural grandeur of the old town, a legacy of both Venetian and Ottoman epochs, have remarkably persevered. These architectural marvels offer more than just a nostalgic glimpse into the past; they provide a vivid tableau that fascinates and inspires, offering a panoramic view into bygone centuries. The time-honored facades and quaint alleyways of the old town serve as a living museum, where each preserved ornament and archaic stone tells its own story, resonating with the echoes of a rich and layered history.

Visitors to our building are often captivated by this historical mosaic, where each corner offers a new perspective, a different inspiration drawn from the annals of time. The view from our windows is not just a visual experience; it is a journey through time, where the resilience and beauty of the past mingle with the vibrancy of the present. In this space, the past is not just remembered; it is lived and breathed, serving as a continuous source of fascination and inspiration for all who walk its storied halls.

Being in
The present

In mid-2023, La Torre Residenza emerged resplendently from an extensive two-year renovation, a labor of love dedicated to preserving the mansion’s exquisite architectural essence while reverently restoring its spaces. This meticulous rejuvenation, conducted with deep respect for our rich history and heritage, was guided by the discerning eye of the archaeological service, ensuring that the building’s grandeur was maintained in its pristine, original state.

Today, La Torre Residenza welcomes guests into its uniquely appointed rooms, which gracefully span across three floors on the eastern, southern, and western wings of the building. Each room offers its own distinctive view – be it the majestic mountain views, the charming intricacies of the city’s picturesque alleys, or the captivating archaeological site that tells tales of a bygone era. These panoramic perspectives invite visitors on an unparalleled journey through the city’s layered history, offering a living tableau of Chania’s past and present. The enchanting interplay of light and landscape, combined with the mansion’s historical grandeur, promises a stay imbued with both luxury and a profound sense of timelessness.

La Torre Residenza Chania
La Torre Residenza Chania

What we offer

The building is dominated by wooden ceilings and floors, as well as stone designs in various parts of it. A total of 3 rooms have access to their own private terraces, with the one on the third floor offering stunning views of the Lefka Ori of Chania, while the rest of the rooms are characterized by abundant natural light pouring in from the large windows as well as hidden lighting that highlights their carefully considered decoration. Our philosophy is simplicity, relaxation and luxury which is fully reflected in every aspect of our accommodation and privacy, turning your stay into an unforgettable experience.

La Torre Residenza is open all year round.


  • Free Wi-fi /High speed Internet access
  • Reception Services
  • Cleaning services upon request (extra to the cleaning provided)
  • Baby cot & baby high chair (upon request)
  • Daily maid services
La Torre Residenza Chania
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